Client Success Stories

The GI repair program has been very effective for me!

I really feel like I am repairing my gut. For years I have had digestive, skin, and hormonal issues. I have even told my primary care doctor that I thought I had leaky gut. He listened kindly to me, but really didn’t offer solutions. Even when I tried on my own to eat what I thought was healthy for me, I really wasn’t feeling like I was fixing many of my symptoms. I have learned a lot from Renee and this program. My digestive issues have totally improved! I feel healthier, my skin is improving, and I feel like I have more energy. When your gut is healthy, many other problems seem to start working themselves out! I am continuing with this way of eating, using the recommended supplements, and my goal is to achieve, and hopefully maintain optimal health. I really recommend the GI program because our overall health starts in the gut!”

Michele B.

“I have to thank Renee for helping me achieve better health this year. She is truly exceptional at what she does and that has made a difference in my life.”

– Grace L.

The results of my nutritional needs from the ZYTO scan revealed magnesium was my body’s top need. Wondrously, when I gave my body magnesium it no longer gave me leg cramps in the middle of the night!

With ZYTO I am no longer shooting in the dark as to what my body requires. I was excited to meet with Renee and get more understanding of how to fulfill my body’s needs.

She gladly shared a number of ways I could do that in addition to the supplements with which ZYTO is partnered. ZYTO is a marvelous way of learning exactly what my body  needs and the stresses with which its dealing. Now I am traveling much more confidently in my health journey.” 

Betty E.