Do you suffer from low energy? brain fog? poor sleep? sugar cravings? I’ve personally dealt with all of these issues and understand how frustrating it can be! I love helping my clients find the root cause of these issues and overcoming them through nutrition and lifestyle changes.


I had challenges with adrenal dysfunction, chronic fatigue, mercury toxicity and even a 10-year battle with the Epstein-Barr virus.

No single practitioner could help me, and I went to discuss these issues with countless experts.

I had no choice at that point but to educate myself…

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Do you suffer from low energy? Brain fog? Poor sleep? Stubborn weight loss?

I love working with my clients to discover the root cause of their health issues. Empowering others to take control of their own health and teaching them how to make small changes every day is what makes my job so rewarding.

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What’s Your Sugar Personality Type?

When it comes to eating sugar and sweet treats, I find there are two personality types. Do you do well with moderation? Can you take 1-2 bites of something sweet and walk away without a problem? Or… Does one bite just tempt you into eating the entire thing? Or do you...

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Can wine be a part of a healthy diet?

Since I entered the holistic health space about 10 years ago, I have heard a variety of comments regarding assumptions about what I do to stay healthy. "You must be vegetarian," or "You obviously don't drink wine or coffee," or "that must suck not being able to eat...

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“Why should I do a sugar detox?”

While preparing to run my group sugar detox program, I started to realize that most people don’t get excited about doing a sugar detox the way I do. After years of research as well as personal trial-and-error I deeply understand the dangers of sugar and can feel the...

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