When it comes to eating sugar and sweet treats, I find there are two personality types.

Do you do well with moderation? Can you take 1-2 bites of something sweet and walk away without a problem?


Does one bite just tempt you into eating the entire thing? Or do you find when you have a treat in your house you constantly think about it and crave it until it’s gone?

Neither one is good or bad, they are simply different and very helpful to be aware of.

Take a minute and think about which one you resonate more with. Can you remember a time when you baked something sweet this year? How did you react to this?

My Tips:

If you do better with moderation…

  • Avoid following a really strict diet that eliminates certain foods 100% as sometimes this causes a binge of favorite foods once it’s over
  • Allow yourself to have a small treat when you crave it but stick with high quality treats (think organic, gluten-free, low-sugar)

If you struggle with having just one bite…

  • Keep smaller servings of treats in your home – Buy smaller packages or cook/bake smaller portions
  • Share with family & friends – If you do end up with extra, share with your loved ones
  • Create rules surrounding your diet – For example, a vegetarian has a strict personal rule to NOT eat meat. When they see a burger they don’t have to use all their willpower to say “no!” It’s already been decided because their rule is that they don’t eat burgers.
  • An example of a rule may be, “I will only have dessert on Saturdays” or “I will only have something sweet if it’s made with organic ingredients”

Once you discover your “sugar personality type” it’s much easier to maintain a healthy relationship with sweets.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season with family and friends! Don’t forget, you CAN stay healthy through the holidays by making smart choices surrounding food, exercise, sleep and relaxation.