One of my favorite tips for clients is to make healthy changes part of a lifestyle. There will always be a party, a birthday, a wedding or some social event that will challenge your healthy habits, so stop saying… “after this party, I’ll start my diet” or “after my birthday, I’ll start my diet.” YOU can start making healthier changes today!

Let’s stop planning diets and start planning healthier ways of living because guess what? DIETS DON’T WORK! Research has shown that people are better off never dieting, than dieting for a short period and then returning to their old ways. Sure, you may lose some weight during that dieting period but if it’s something you can’t maintain long-term, the weight will come back (plus more pounds sometimes!)

Instead of thinking it has to be all or nothing, try the 80/20 rule. 80% of the time you follow a very clean and healthy diet along with exercise, meditation and other healthy habits. And then 20% of the time, you take a day off to rest, you enjoy an old favorite food, or have a glass of wine. The key is to find a routine you can maintain long-term and learn how to balance your healthy lifestyle.